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Coalition of Polish creators sign open letter in opposition of Copyright Directive


4 December 2018

Earlier this year, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki’s issued a statement in opposition to the Copyright Directive (or “ACTA 2” as it is known in Poland, in reference to ACTA of which Poland protested) cautioning on the “censorship” of the internet (statement available in Polish here). Now, a coalition of over 15,000 Polish creators (entitled “Internet Creators”, available in Polish here) have signed an open letter in opposition to article 13 of the Copyright Directive, which they also caution will lead to “preventative censorship” and loss of remuneration for independent creators. They note that the imprecise wording of the article will lead to “unintended consequences”, perhaps even extending to e.g. the jeopardy of online education.