Some Challenges of ‘Keeping Personal Data Personal’

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priceDominic Price, Horizon Digital Economy Research Fellow at the University of Nottingham describes some of the difficulties faced by his team in their attempts to develop systems that empower users to control their own data.

One of the key themes in Horizon, since it started 5+ years ago, has been ‘keeping personal data personal’. What we’ve tended to mean by this is that an individual should retain all the rights to the digital data that they produce (social media content, data from smart meters in the home, data from activity loggers, and so on) and that the individual should be the ultimate gatekeeper of access to that data. This simple idea is a reversal of the way that most current service providers implement their systems, the usual method is that user data is uploaded to the service providers servers and the service provider then maintains and controls access to that data.

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