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New Podcast Episode Release: Living With AI Podcast Featuring Martin Kretschmer

Posted on    by CREATe Team

New Podcast Episode Release: Living With AI Podcast Featuring Martin Kretschmer

By 24 June 2024June 26th, 2024No Comments

We are pleased to announce that our centre director, Martin Kretschmer, recently participated in an episode of the “Living With AI Podcast: Challenges of Living with Artificial Intelligence,” hosted by Sean Riley.

The episode, titled “Regulation and the Creative Industries,” discusses the impact of generative AI creation tools on the creative sector. With the rise of AI-generated language, images, and videos, along with algorithmically curated social media feeds, there’s a growing sense that AI is encroaching on areas traditionally dominated by human creativity.

During the discussion, Martin explores several key topics, including the necessity for collaboration between platforms and regulatory bodies to ensure a functional online public sphere. He also addresses the challenges faced by creative professionals amidst these technological advancements.

Listen to the episode here and join the conversation on the evolving landscape of AI and creativity!

Recent publications on the topic include:

You may also find Martin this Thursday at the ISHTIP 15th Annual Workshop at Boston University School of Law, where he will be participating in a roundtable titled “The Value of Primary Sources for Theoretical Enquiry” with Michael Birnhack and Jake Sadow.

Access to primary sources (such as historical cases, contracts, treaties) has dramatically increased in the digital age. This may be the result of mass digitization efforts or critical, editorial projects (such as Primary Sources on Copyright: 1450-1900). While materials from the past and other jurisdictions have become much more visible, are these digital resources a substitute for archival work? Do they enable a form of synthesis that was not possible previously?