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Royal Society of Edinburgh Network launch: Scottish Law and Innovation – SCOTLIN – 31 March 2021

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Royal Society of Edinburgh Network launch: Scottish Law and Innovation – SCOTLIN – 31 March 2021

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The Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE) has awarded funding to establish SCOTLIN, the Scottish Law and Innovation Network. CREATe is a core partner in the application and award, and the network will be led by Guido Noto La Diega (University of Stirling), Rossana Ducato (University of Aberdeen), and Martin Kretschmer (University of Glasgow).

The SCOTLIN network will advance law & innovation research, teaching, practice, and policy in Scotland. The collaboration will bring together experts from academia, the legal professions, and representatives of civil society, responding to key issues ranging from digital privacy to the regulation of AI, from business tech-readiness through to algorithmic accountability.

SCOTLIN will launch on Wednesday, 31 March 2021 with a keynote speech by Professor Hector MacQueen (University of Edinburgh) on “Law and Innovation in Scotland: some impressionistic thoughts”.

Eventbrite registration to attend the online launch event is here.
31 March 2021: 16:00 – 17:00 BST

The Scottish Law and Innovation Network is open to any Scotland-based expert in law and innovation. The launch event is open to all with an interest in the field.

SCOTLIN will be funding the following:

Communication resources

1. A website to showcase research, publicise events, and post accessible educational videos. Plus related social media activity;

2. A mailing list to organise events, share publications, and publicise opportunities for collaboration;

3. A monthly newsletter to share new research, as well as publicise opportunities for collaboration and knowledge exchange events.

Scientific activities

  • A symposium chaired by Dr Marta Iljadica (CREATe, University of Glasgow) “assessing the scope for a distinct Scottish information law”. This is tentatively scheduled to take place in September 2021 at the University of Glasgow.

    The event will assess the potential for developing a distinct intellectual property, information, and innovation law in Scotland, in particular in the post-Brexit context. Each presentation will be followed by a roundtable discussion of the topic to encourage participation. Topics on which papers will be sought include: The evolution of a distinct right to privacy in Scotland; IP infringement and interdicts in Scots law; Data protection and the COVID-19 pandemic; Proposed new Scots defamation law.

  • Annual SCOTLIN Conferences, in Stirling in 2021 and Aberdeen in 2022. 

  • A SCOTLIN Early Career Scholars Symposium in Edinburgh in 2022.

  • Bimonthly SCOTLIN (en)lightening talks. 

SCOTLIN website (beta):


Twitter: @LawScottish

DIARY – Forthcoming (En)Lightening Talks 

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24 June 2021
Israel Cedillo Lazcano – University of Edinburgh
The Invisible Mind within Financial Black Boxes

26 August 2021
Janis Wong – University of St Andrews
Online Learning as a Commons: Supporting the co- creation of data protection solutions through a collaborative digital environment

28 October 2021
Zihao Li – University of Glasgow
Data Protection Law and Online Personalised Pricing

27 January 2022
Enenu Okwori – University of Aberdeen Obligation of states to seek assistance where they are unable to prevent an armed attack from within their territory