CREATe presents Empirical Research on Copyright and Collaboration to Digital Arts Residency at Studio Wayne McGregor, London

Read more in: Reassessing the Challenge of the Digital (in M. Van Eechoud ed. The Work of Authorship, 2014, p.p.175-214)

CREATe was delighted to contribute, for the second year running, to Questlab Network, a development programme for digital artists funded by Arts Council England held at Studio Wayne McGregor’s ‘Here East’ hub, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in East London in November 2019. The programme brought together dance artists and creative technologists, with a view to exploring the potential of digital technology to enhance artistic creativity and to stimulate innovation in artistic practices, resulting in the delivery of new creative projects throughout the country. The collaborative nature of digital artworks – drawing together artists, performers, and technologists (like computer programmers) – gives rise to questions about authorship and ownership. Dr Elena Cooper of CREATe contributed to the programme with a seminar delivered to artists and technologists, drawing on case studies from her qualitative empirical work about copyright, authorship and collaboration in the digital arts (published as Reassessing the Challenge of the Digital in M. Van Eechoud ed. The Work of Authorship, 2014, p.p.175-214). Dr Cooper’s research exposes varying concepts of authorship and ownership in the digital arts and, in the seminar, those case studies served as models for the ways in which the programme’s participants could think about authorship and ownership of their own collaborative work, as well as how to structure copyright agreements in practice. More about the programme, including a full list of participants, can be found here:

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