Open Letter: The EU Copyright Directive is failing

Academics from 25 leading Intellectual Property research centres in Europe have published an open letter, expressing grave concerns at the legislative direction of the proposed copyright directive. After a balanced draft report by the European Parliament’s Rapporteur Therese Comodini (Comodini Report, issued on 10 March 2017 [LINK]), recent texts coming from the new Rapporteur Axel Voss [LINK] and the Bulgarian Presidency [LINK] of the Council of the European Union appear to be sliding towards a compromise that fails the aims of the Directive to improve choice, access and fairness in the digital environment. There is scientific consensus –      that the proposed exception for text-and-data-mining in Art. 3 will not achieve its goal to stimulate innovation and research if restricted to … Continue reading Open Letter: The EU Copyright Directive is failing