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CREATe Research Blog Series & Book

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CREATe Research Blog Series & Book

By 6 November 2017No Comments

CREATe is delighted to launch a new series of reflective blog posts about CREATe-funded research projects. With our first phase wrapping up and looking towards the future, it is an appropriate time to revisit and reflect upon the range of projects in which our researchers have been involved. We hope that the series will showcase the value, legacy and impact of CREATe research as well as making our research findings relatable to the general public. The blog posts are grouped under six themes, related to our original themes, they are:

The posts will be compiled  as a ‘blog book’, published in 2018, which will include introductions to each of the themes by guest editors. From Wednesday 8th November until April 2018, we will be posting these blog posts here two to three times per week, showcasing the impressive breadth of our research across over 50 projects.

See below for the full schedule or use the links above to select by theme.

Theme 1: Business models                                     

Wednesday 8 November
Smart Cities – Lillian Edwards

Friday 10 November
Converging Technologies and Windowing Strategies – Gillian Doyle

Monday 13 November
Copyright, Football and European Media Rights – Raymond Boyle

Wednesday 15 November
Managing Intellectual Property Assets for Creative SMEs (Parts 1&2) – Mindy Grewer

Friday 17 November
Live media events across mobile platforms and devices: a case study of the ‘BBC Live’ content delivery system – Inge Sorenson

Monday 20 November
Measuring the ‘value’ of UK games tax relief – Tom Phillips

Wednesday 22 November
Convergence or differentiation in IP protection? A case study of new models for digital film, music and e-fiction production and distribution in ChinaRobin Williams and Xiaobai Shen

Friday 24 November
Games and Transmedia – Daithí Mac Síthigh

Monday 27 November
Emergent Business Models for 3D printing –  Luciana D’Adderio

Wednesday 29 November
3D Printing: Going for gold – Dinusha Mendis

Theme 2 – GLAM Sector & Openness                      

Monday 4 December
Archives, Digitisation and Copyright  – Victoria Stobo

Wednesday 6 December
Surrogate IP Rights in the Cultural Sector – Andrea Wallace

Friday 8 December
Copyright and Risk – Victoria Stobo

Monday 11 December
Digitising the Edwin Morgan Scrapbooks – Kerry Patterson

Wednesday 13 December
EnDOW – Kris Erickson


Monday 8 January
Open Publishing – Estelle Dercleye

Wednesday 10 January
Open MinTeD – Thomas Margoni and Giulia Dore

Friday 12 January
Open Film: Open Source – Robin Williams

Monday 15 January
Valuing the Public Domain – Kris Erickson

Wednesday 17 January
Designing for the commercial exploitation of online identity – Christina Emmanouil, Derek McAuley,

Friday 19 January
Monetising Free Content – Liz Dowthwaite

Theme 3 – Creative Practice and Copyright             

Monday 22 January
Understanding the politics, culture and aesthetics of musical copyright in the digital age – Adam Behr, Keith Negus, John Street

Wednesday 24 January
Music Copyright in the Digital Age – Kenny Barr

Friday 26 January
Music Publishing – Ruth Towse

Monday 29 January
Copyright User – Bartolomeo Meletti

Wednesday 31 January
Copyright at the Digital Margins – John Street

Friday 2 February
The new British film policy – Philip Schlesinger

Monday 5 February
Fashion micro-enerprises in London, Berlin, Milan (Phase II)  – Angela McRobbie

Wednesday 7 February
Individual Creators  – Smita Kheria

Thursday 8 February
Creators’ Organisations – Smita Kheria & Nevena Kostova

Friday 9 February
Voices of CREATe – Ealasaid Munro

Theme 4 – Regulation and Enforcement                  

Monday 12 February
Public/Intermediary Enabled Copyright Enforcement & Physical Platforms and New Business Models – Lillian Edwards

Wednesday 14 February
Copyright and Civil Enforcement – Jane Cornwall

Friday 16 February
The impact on cultural diversity of Automated Anti-Piracy Systems as copyright enforcement mechanisms: an empirical study of YouTube’s Content ID digital fingerprinting technology – Sabine Jacques

Monday 19 February
Self-enforcing IP Law: Life after DRM, IP Dispute Resolution: Digital evidence, e-discovery and the changing costs of litigation – Burkhard Schafer

Wednesday 21 February
Regulating the Collecting Societies – John Street

Thursday 22 February
The Limits of Competition as a means of Regulating the Collecting Societies – Simone Schroff

Friday 23 February
Assessing the IP Small Claims track – Sheona Burrow

Monday 26 February
Policy and Lawmaking in the Digital Age: UK and EU policy interventions – Martin Kretschmer

Wednesday 28 February
Is there an EU copyright jurisprudence? – Marcella Favale

Friday 2 March
Copyright litigation in English courts – Luke McDonagh

Monday 5 March
Modelling the Evolution of the TV Drama production sector in the UK – Richard Paterson

Wednesday 7 March
Appraising Potential Legal Responses to Threats to the Production of News in the Digital Environment Richard Danbury

Friday 9 March
Copyright Wiki – Kris Erickson

Theme 5 – Intermediaries, Platforms and Users       

Monday 12 March
Supporting creative business: Cultural Enterprise Office and its clients – Philip Schlesinger

Wednesday 14 March
Intermediaries – Morten Hviid

Friday 16  March
User Generated Cultural Content (UGCC): Users as Creators, “Walled Gardens”, and the Preservation and Bequeathing of Novel Digital Cultural Assets – Lilian Edwards

Monday 26 March
Blockchain or the Chaingang? – Jeremy Silver

Wednesday 28 March
Exploring unlawful file sharing – Piers Fleming & Daniel Zizzo

Wednesday 4 April
Living within(in) copyright law – Lee Edwards

Friday 6 April
IP Infrastructure project – Robin Williams

Theme 6 – Public Interest                                         

Wednesday 11 April
Human rights and the public interest – Daithí Mac Síthigh

Friday 13 April
Copyright History and Policy – Elena Cooper

Wednesday 18 April
Oral History of Intellectual Property Jose Bellido

Monday 23 April
Stationers’ Register Online – Ian Gadd, Giles Bergel