Join CREATe’s free course on Music Copyright! #FLMusicCopyright

CREATe is running its first ever MOOC (massive open online course) this summer! This free online course ‘Music Copyright: Understanding UK Copyright Law When Working with Music‘, introduces you to the key aspects of UK music copyright law. You can learn at your own pace as long as you commit about four hours per week reading the materials, interacting in forum posts and attempting quizzes. Join the course here which starts on 10 July 2017 and lasts for 2 weeks.

This free course will help answers questions such as: what is protected by copyright and what is not? In what circumstances can you reuse copyrighted material without permission or payment? How do collecting societies work? And how can you make money as a musician through licensing deals, self publishing or giving your music away? The content includes real-life musicians sharing their experiences throughout the course, offering advice on dealing with copyright, being copied by other artists and avoiding accidentally falling into a copy trap.

Developed and run by CREATe academics, Dr Sukhpreet Singh, Dr Kris Erickson and Bartolomeo Meletti, the course is aimed at musicians and current or aspiring music industry professionals. It covers the key aspects of copyright law that creators, producers, marketers and distributors of music need to know about. It is also useful to anyone working in other creative industries that license music, such as advertising, film, television and digital media.

If you are interested in more formal learning opportunities in intellectual property, innovation and the creative economy, see our Postgraduate Certificate, Postgraduate diploma and MSc / LLM level qualifications offered by the School of Law, University of Glasgow at

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