Upcoming Symposium: New Approaches to Orphan Works

On 23rd June, Bournemouth University will host a Symposium on New Approaches to the Orphan Works Problem. A limited number of spaces are still available for those wishing to participate in the event, which will include presentations by Peter Jaszi, Dan Hunter and Meredith Jacob. CREATe researchers Victoria Stobo and Kris Erickson will also present new research arising from interviews with cultural heritage institutions in Italy, The Netherlands and the UK, as well as from the Digitising Morgan project at the University of Glasgow.

The purpose of the symposium is to evaluate recent legislative interventions such as the EU Orphan Works Directive of 2012. A wealth of new empirical data such as those gathered in the first phase of the EnDOW project, offer new insights on the ways that legislation is actually impacting the European heritage sector. A second focus of the symposium is to evaluate emerging technical and regulatory solutions (such as the EnDOW crowdsourcing proposal or systems involving blockchain technology) as potential mechanisms to alleviate outstanding problems associated with orphan works.

This event should be of interest to those working in the cultural heritage sector, as well as those more broadly interested in memory institutions, digitisation and the economics of copyright clearance. Visit the Symposium page on the EnDOW website to learn more about the event or to register.


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