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Book Now: Cultural Institution Roundtable Event on 24th March

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Book Now: Cultural Institution Roundtable Event on 24th March

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How does copyright impact institutional access policies and use of our shared cultural heritage locally and internationally?

The Cultural Institution Roundtable Event is a half-day discussion, organised by CREATe, the National Library of Scotland and i-Publishing Consultants to explore this essential question.

Specifically, the roundtable addresses a number of issues that will be of interest to both practitioners and academics working in this area:

  • How do intellectual property norms impact how open access is defined by an institution?
  • What are the challenges and practicalities of digitizing and making available public domain works in our collections?
  • When cultural institutions digitize works in their care, how should we understand the digital surrogates that are created? Are they new, original copyright-protected works?
  • How do our audiences interact with, understand and reuse our digital collections?
  • How can we balance the growing need to generate revenue to support digitization projects with the growing expectation to deliver digital collections perceived as ‘open access’?
  • What role should copyright law and policy play in this domain?

The roundtable takes place in the Activities Room, Glasgow Club Kelvin Hall on 24th March 2017 from 1pm to 4pm. It begins with a short introduction to the topics for discussion, followed by smaller breakout-group discussions to explore common concerns and draw out areas of overlap among institutional practices. The scope of the discussion will be limited to discussing copyright, licensing, and dissemination concerns related to two-dimensional reproductions of two-dimensional works, with a focus on the original object being in the public domain. The day will conclude with a full group roundtable discussion directed toward considering ‘what’s next’ for the industry.

Participants will be asked to respond to a short questionnaire in advance of the roundtable event. Information gathered from the questionnaire will be used to direct the discussion, which means the agenda can be driven by participants’ needs.

By bringing academics and practitioners together to discuss areas of common concern, we hope to shed light on the heritage industry trends and practices with open access as well as develop a network of support for approaching future challenges in this regard.

Roundtable Hosts include:

  • Victoria Stobo, CREATe, University of Glasgow
  • Andrea Wallace, CREATe, University of Glasgow and National Library of Scotland
  • Fred Saunderson, National Library of Scotland
  • Michael Collins, i-Publishing Consultants
  • Philip Ternouth, i-Publishing Consultants
  • Anji Clarke, i-Publishing Consultants

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