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Blockchain or the Chaingang?

Posted on    by Martin Kretschmer

Blockchain or the Chaingang?

JeremySilverCREATe is publishing today a new working paper by Dr Jeremy Silver, CREATe Industry Fellow and incoming CEO of the Digital Catapult.

Blockchain or the Chaingang?
Challenges, opportunities and hype: the music industry and blockchain technologies

Music Ally is launching Jeremy’s report at an event in London, hosted by City firm ReedSmith (Thursday 12th May, 18:00-21:00):

Blockchain: music without the middlemen?

Paul Brindley (CEO and Co-founder, Music Ally) writes:

This Music Ally event will serve as both the launchpad of the first in-depth report on what blockchain really means for the music industry and a forum to help build a practical consensus around the next steps to enable the industry to take full advantage of blockchain technologies.

There’s been plenty of hype about the potential of blockchain technologies for music, allowing greater transparency and efficiencies in licensing and commercial transactions and helping to commercialise the long tail. But is it all coming down the pipe or really a pipe dream? Blockchain has the potential to radically reshape the current industry. But will it restructure collecting societies, distributors, labels and publishers? Or could the Blockchain in effect take out a huge chunk of the current industry? This event will cut through the hype and look at the practical steps the music industry needs to take for potential to become a reality we can all, realistically, embrace.


The event features the following:

– Launch of “Blockchain or the Chaingang?”, authored by Dr Jeremy Silver, whose industry experience spans leading roles at Semetric, Musicglue, FAC, Sibelius, EMI, Virgin and the BPI, amongst others. Jeremy is also currently a CREATe industrial fellow.

Jeremy’s report is available here as CREATe Working Paper 2016/05 (May 2016).

– A panel of speakers including:

Simon Edhouse, MD of one of the world’s first bitcoin music platforms, Bittunes

Maria Forte, independent consultant who’s worked on everything from setting up EMI’s sampling department to Radiohead’s ‘In Rainbows’ campaign

Benji Rogers, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, PledgeMusic and Blockchain evangelist (via Skype)

Alex Amsel, Blockchain consultant and co-founder of Ownage, an Ethereum based platform to distribute, collect and trade digital game content.

Mark Douglas, CTO, PPL


CREATe Working Paper Series:

cover-2016-05Blockchain or the Chaingang? Challenges, opportunities and hype: the music industry and blockchain technologies