Interdisciplinary PhD Workshop

Theo Koutmeridis (CREATe Research Fellow in Economics) co-organised the first Interdisciplinary PhD Workshop, as part of the activities of the Glasgow University Research Network Behaviour, Structure and Interventions (BSI). Four CREATe researchers presented their work and interacted with a group of scholars from various disciplines from economics, law, finance and politics to computing, physics, health and medicine.

BSI held its inaugural PhD Interdisciplinary Workshop in the Gilchrist PG Club on Monday 21st March 2016.  The workshop was attended by PhD students from a wide range of disciplines.  Network co-convenor and CREATe Research Fellow, Theo Koutmeridis, delivered a mini-course on “Identifying Causal Effects”, which is available to download here: slides.  Presentations were given by eight PhD students. For full details, please visit the Workshop webpage.

Inaugural BSI “Interdisciplinary PhD Workshop”

Based on the success of this event, BSI and CREATe plan to schedule similar PhD workshops in the future. The BSI research network is co-cordinated by Prof. Sayantan Ghosal and Dr. Theodore Koutmeridis. For more information stay tuned!

Behaviour, Structure and Interventions


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