Schafer co-authors two new CREATe Working Papers exploring computational copyright law

CREATe’s Prof Burkhard Schafer (University of Edinburgh) has co-authored two new entries within CREATe’s Working Paper Series. The series’ twenty-first entry (2014/11)  is a collaboration with Ermo Täks, Addi Rull and Anni Säär from Tallinn Institute of Technology entitled Report on a computer assisted copyright reform observatoryIt explores “creative” approaches to computational copyright law – instead of focussing on consumers, it aims to utilise “self-applying” law to reduce costs both for the legislative process and also for the management of licenses and contracts by the rights holders and their legal representative. Self-enforcing or self-executing? What Computational Copyright can learn from LKIF Transaction Configurations for Eurobonds written with Orlando Conetta from Pinsent Masons LLP (2014/12) tries to rejoin two popular Artificial Intelligence approaches, Copyright by Design (DRM) and Privacy by Design, to computer technology in law, learning what can be learned from the success of DRM but trying to address its shortcomings by remaining firmly within the tradition of fully explicit legal modeling in the AI and Law tradition. For this, the paper presents a new theory, called Transaction Configuration. 

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