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Last Weekend to See British Folk Art at Tate Britain

Last month I had the opportunity to visit the British Folk Art exhibition at the Tate Britain in London, which runs until 31st August. This small but carefully-curated show will likely be of interest to copyright researchers and those interested in quotidian, outsider and craft art production. As someone who works on the intellectual property status of amateur media, I was drawn to this exhibition on a sunny Saturday in July, to find out if I could make any linkages between Kickstarter fan-fiction and the long trajectory of craft artisanship going back to Neolithic times. Knowing very little about folk art forms before my visit, it turns out there were many interesting connections to be made between current-day digital practices … Continue reading

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CREATe Data Specialist at Glasgow University

CREATe at the University of Glasgow is currently seeking a Data Specialist to help to maximise the impact of CREATe’s digital identity. A successful candidate will maintain, develop and design tools to exploit datasets, including those developed by CREATe and those originating elsewhere. They will also develop a suite of digital resources showcasing CREATe’s research activities, facilitating knowledge transfer and enhancing impact, and maintain CREATe’s portfolio of web resources. Salary will be on the Management, Professional and Administrative Grade, level 6, £27,318 – £30,434 per annum. The closing date for applications is August 24th, 2014. Whilst this post is offered on a full time basis, we welcome applications from candidates with flexible requirements, including from postgraduate researchers. Although the post if … Continue reading

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Quit Playing Around: Monkey Stirs Up Copyright Controversy with Selfie

Guestpost by Emily Goodhand, first appeared here. This week saw the return of the ‘monkey selfie’ story. A British wildlife photographer was photographing crested black macaque monkeys in Indonesia when the monkeys began to show an interest in his equipment and started taking pictures of themselves. One of the photos found its way on to Wikimedia and the photographer threatened to sue for copyright infringement and damages. Wikimedia put it to a community vote and eventually refused to take the photo off the public domain section of the website Wikimedia Commons. So, if the monkey took the photograph, who really owns its copyright?

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New CREATe Working Paper (2014/07) Explores the Role of the Literature Review

The seventeenth release in CREATe’s Working Paper Series is now available to download. Literature reviews as a means of communicating progress in research by Ruth Towse (CREATe Fellow in Cultural Economics, University of Glasgow and Professor Economics  of Creative Industries, CIPPM, Bournemouth University) challenges the perception that literature reviews do not produce ‘answers’, a common criticism. Literature reviews are a standard means of communicating and evaluating the state of academic research that are useful both for those working in a particular field and for those who wish to find out what others are doing. They are limited, though, to what has been achieved to date. It seems to be the case, however, that reporting results of literature reviews to the industries requires … Continue reading

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Fanfiction: Creators, communities and copyright

In the second of an ongoing series of features, Philippa Warr explores the recent trend of cloned games on mobile platforms and some of the legal and regulatory issues that the phenomenon raises. Fanfiction: Creators, communities and copyright. From zombie apocalypses in Merlin to elevator-confined World Wrestling Entertainment fighter romances and Twilight/Meerkat Manor crossover massacres, the online fan community has proven adept at taking characters from books, TV shows, movies and games and using them to create their own content. WHEN FANS CREATE Probably the most famous example is fanfiction. The original source material becomes a toolkit for fanfiction authors. Existing characters or locations are put to use in telling new stories which now live in vast online repositories like Some … Continue reading

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