CREATe Working Paper 14/5 Determinants and Welfare Implications of Unlawful File Sharing: A Scoping Review, Available Now

The fifteenth release in CREATe’s Working Paper Series is now available for download. Determinants and Welfare Implications of Unlawful File Sharing: A Scoping Review by Steven James Watson, Daniel John Zizzo and Piers Fleming documents a scoping review carried out to investigate and summarize the extent and nature of research (2003-2013) into the welfare implications and determinants of unlawful file sharing.  Articles on unlawful file sharing for digital media including music, film, television, videogames, software and books, were methodically searched for within academic databases and a pre-publication repository; non-academic literature was sought from key stakeholders and research centers. 54,441 sources were initially found with a wide search and were narrowed down to 206 articles which examined human behavior, intentions or attitudes.

The research was launched with a corresponding panel discussion and stakeholders’ meeting at London’s Stationers’ Hall on April 11th.

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