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Kerry Patterson

Copyright and Orphan Works

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CREATe and the Digital Catapult are organising an interactive workshop and roundtable event that aims to generate points of discussion and provide reliable guidance about the legislation governing the digitisation, dissemination and consumption of orphan works in the digital age. It will also be an opportunity for the organisers to better understand what archivists and curators specifically need to know about the new orphan works exception and UK licensing scheme, and copyright law in general.

Copyright and Orphan Works / London / September 29th 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

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Diligent Searching in the Dark – Identifying images out of context

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Kerry Patterson, Project Officer for CREATe’s Digitising the Edwin Morgan Scrapbooks project describes some approaches and challenges in her efforts to carry out diligent search for thousands of images with little original context.

The enormous visual appeal of the poet Edwin Morgan’s scrapbooks is countered by a large complication for the copyright researcher. Morgan rarely gives a source for the images he uses, meaning that the 16 scrapbook volumes contain tens of thousands of images with no note of their original context. For the researcher performing a diligent search as part of a mass digitisation project, the difficulty is this; without any supporting information for an image, what resources can be used to carry out a diligent search? Do the IPO’s Diligent Search guidelines offer assistance?


Double Page from Scrapbook 12

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Introducing Digitising the Edwin Morgan Scrapbooks

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Kerry Patterson, Project Officer for CREATe’s Digitising the Edwin Morgan Scrapbooks introduces her work to explore the extent to which EU and UK copyright policy impacts the digitisation of unique and distinctive artistic collections, such as the Morgan scrapbooks, as well as the costs associated with rights clearance.


Collage from Scrapbook 12

Digitising the Edwin Morgan Scrapbooks is a project led by CREATe in conjunction with Glasgow University’s Special Collections Department. Within the Archive of the poet Edwin Morgan (1920-2010) held at the University, are sixteen scrapbooks. These date from 1931 to 1966 and were used by Morgan as an outlet for his creative expression before poetry became his primary focus. Within the scrapbooks are around 3,600 pages in total, with material from a diverse range of sources; contemporary and historical newspapers, books and periodicals, photographs, stamps, advertisements, flyers, cigarette cards and other everyday items.

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