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A View from the Amsterdam Privacy Conference 2015

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Conor O’Kane, PhD Student and Lecturer in Economics at Bournemouth University, offers his perspective of the recent Amsterdam Privacy Conference.

APC2015-logo-431x100The Amsterdam Privacy Conference (APC) took place over 4 days from the 23-26 October 2015. Organised by the Amsterdam Platform for Privacy Research (APPR), an initiative from the University of Amsterdam, this interdisciplinary conference brought together leading experts in the field of privacy from a diverse range of disciplines including philosophy, law, economics, informatics as well as social, medical and media sciences. The conference was divided into seven themes; (1) Privacy and security, (2) Privacy and the information society, (3) Privacy and healthcare, (4) Privacy and technology, (5) Commercial value of privacy, (6) Transformation of the public space and personalized communication and (7) The value and ethics of privacy.

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A. Rahmatian (editor), Collection of Essays: Concepts of Music and Copyright: How Music Perceives Itself and How Copyright Perceives Music

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Dr Andreas Rahmatian of the University of Glasgow introduces a new interdisciplinary collection of essays on music and copyright.

Rahmatian Concepts CoverAndreas Rahmatian (ed.), Concepts of Music and Copyright: How Music Perceives Itself and How Copyright Perceives Music, Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar Publishing, 2015

This edited collection of essays on music and copyright, with four musicians/musicologists and four copyright lawyers as contributors, grew out of an interdisciplinary workshop on music and copyright at the University of Glasgow which the editor organised on the occasion of the tercentenary celebrations of Glasgow Law School in 2013. The aim of this workshop was to bring together musicians and musicologists with copyright law specialists, and to make musicians think about copyright and lawyers reflect about music.

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Fashion as Urban Scene? Like Berlin techno or ‘Madchester’?

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mcrobbieAngela McRobbie, Professor of Communications at Goldsmiths, University of London reflects on the changing shape of the Fashion industry.


Photo credit: Sopopular, Berlin

Fashion, as we know, is almost synonymous with the capriciousness of taste, with ephemerality, with an ever-accelerating pace of products and items which can now be on the rails to suit customer needs, even when the weather does not correspond with the calendar of collections traditionally tied to the ‘seasons’. Not long ago a cold summer or a warm winter meant significant losses, this is no longer unsurmountable. The vast expansion of the infrastructure of production, on a global basis, with new locations for small and large factory manufacture opening up on a weekly basis, from Vietnam to Cambodia, from Turkey to Morocco, means that the sheer capacity correlates also with a speeded-up idea of change and ‘newness’ now signalled by upmarket labels as mid-season ranges. At the lower end of the market the new temporality of fast fashion brings cheap copies of haute couture looks to (mostly) young consumers thanks to fine-tuned production, distribution and retail processes such as those developed by Zara and H&M, with a lead time of three weeks from the ‘runway’ to the high street store. Underpinning all of these significant transformations of fashion’s consumer culture is the role of IT, social media, rapid transport and distribution and of course the exponential growth of e-commerce.

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