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How I Stopped Worrying And Learned To Love Focus Groups

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Image from Hugh Hancock’s new film ‘Death Knight Love Story’

One of the Hot Topics in the big media / tech crossover world recently has been data-driven storytelling. Wired breathlessly reported that Hollywood gurus have reverse-engineered a “formula for success” from audience data. Netflix has revealed its ability to data-mine genres that they already know their audience will like.

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Images, metadata, orphans

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Post by Prof. Derek McAuley

Coincidentally, five days after the publication of the Copyright Licensing Steering Group‘s report on the last 12 months of work on streamlining copyright, I was due to give a talk at a joint event of CREATe and the EPSRC funded Network of Excellence in Identity. The event “Identity Lost – electronic identity, digital orphan works and copyright law reform”, the talk “Digital tool chains; get your act together” – what joy to find the CLSG report, which lays down 10 key principles, formed the perfect frame to what I had planned to talk about! What should we do to avoid the on going creation of digital works that are orphans at birth?

Herewith the blogged version of the talk…

Metadata matters: encourage its use and preservation

I. By default create and preserve metadata

What is metadata in a digital image? Simply data attached to the digital image written by the camera when the image is created or afterwards as the image is processed by various tools. Nearly all cameras (including smartphones) capture information about the “camera” – lens, aperture, timing, resolution etc. – and the when and (especially with smartphones) the where. (More here.)

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Industry Talking to Industry: The Develop Conference 2013

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In July 2013, the Develop Conference hosted a programme of over 80 sessions, tracking the current videogame industry developments and trends. For three days, the renowned annual conference (organised by Develop Magazine, a trade publication with a circulation of 300,000) welcomed videogame professionals from around Europe to Brighton, in a programme shaped by and for some of the key figures in the industry. As part of the Copyright and Games project, and having made some initial forays into literature on the development of business models, creative platforms and payment mechanisms, Develop provided an opportunity to see exactly what the industry was talking about, and how they were discussing it with one another.

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CREATe: Creativity, Regulation, Enterprise and Technology

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CREATe is the Centre for Copyright and New Business Models in the Creative Economy, a national research hub jointly funded by the AHRC (Arts & Humanities), EPSRC (Engineering & Physical Sciences) and ESRC (Economic & Social Sciences). CREATe is a pioneering interdisciplinary initiative, and globally the first effort to investigate the relationship between Creativity, Regulation, Enterprise and Technology (=CREATe) through the lens of copyright law.

The UK has probably the largest creative sector in the world relative to GDP, accounting for over 6% of the overall economy and contributing around £60bn per annum. CREATe will examine the business, regulatory and cultural infrastructure of the cultural and creative industries by exploring cutting-edge questions around digitisation, copyright, and innovation in the arts and technology. CREATe is based at the University of Glasgow, leading a consortium of 7 Universities: the University of East Anglia, the  University of Edinburgh, Goldsmiths (University of London), the University of Nottingham, the University of St. Andrews and the University of Strathclyde.

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