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CREATe Working Paper: Copying, Creativity and Copyright

Ronan Deazley of Queen’s University Belfast and Bartolomeo Meletti, CREATe researcher and Lead Producer of introduce their CREATe Working Paper entitled ‘Copying, Creativity and Copyright‘.

Copying and creativity are often presented in antithetical terms: if you are copying you are not being creative, and vice versa. And within the context of copyright law, copying is often conflated with concepts like theft, piracy and immorality: to copy is to attack creators trying to make a living from their work. But in truth, copying can be and often is creative. The creative process thrives upon practices of adaptation, imitation and borrowing, and copyright should and does accommodate those creative practices. The short animated film The Adventure of the Girl with the Light Blue Hair – which on 12 November 2015 won the AHRC Research in Film Award for Innovation in Film – provides a practical example of how copyright enables and encourages many forms of lawful, creative copying. In less than four minutes, the film includes over 80 instances of the lawful reuse of and reference to well-known copyright and public domain works, as well as factual information and recent copyright litigation.

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Leading Creative Industry figures appointed as CREATe Industry Fellows

industry-fellowsCREATe has appointed its first three Industry Fellows in a scheme established to further develop and deepen connections between CREATe and its industrial partners and stakeholders. Emma Barraclough, Richard Paterson and Jeremy Silver will each work in collaboration with CREATe over a period of several months. CREATE will disseminate their outputs. The call for participation required applicants to submit a short project proposal that involved a reflection on and analysis of a topic of pressing importance or of future significance for the creative economy.

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Event Summary: Concepts and Methods in a Cross Sectoral Frame

mcrobbieAngela McRobbie, Professor of Communications at Goldsmiths, University of London describes a recent event exploring methods and themes in creative industries research.

The Goldsmiths/CREATe event last week (January 13th) titled ‘Concepts and Methods in a Cross-Sectoral Frame’, had the aim of encouraging invited speakers to discuss the methodologies they were working with, with a view to exchanging perspectives on the issues arising, especially those that were especially challenging. A key dynamic for the afternoon was to have one panel present topics relating to quantitative methods, followed by a panel which reflected specifically on themes emerging from CREATe work drawing on qualitative approaches. We also wanted to bring a number of the CREATe researchers together in order to initiate a debate about future directions for the creative industries.

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