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CREATe Working Paper asks “Is There a EU Copyright Jurisprudence?

CREATe’s seventh Working Paper of 2015 is now available to download. Is There a EU Copyright Jurisprudence? An Empirical Analysis of the Workings of the European Court of Justice by Marcella Favale, Martin Kretschmer and Paul C. Torremans explores suspicions that the European Court of Justice has been carrying out a harmonising agenda over and beyond the conventional law-interpreting function of the judiciary. This study aims to investigate empirically two theories in relation to the development of EU copyright law: (i) that the Court has failed to develop a coherent copyright jurisprudence (lacking domain expertise, copyright specific reasoning, and predictability); (ii) that the Court has pursued an activist, harmonising agenda (resorting to teleological interpretation of European law rather than – less discretionary – … Continue reading

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New CREATe Working Paper Explores Copyright and Music Policy in China

CREATe’s sixth Working Paper of 2015 is now available. Copyright and Music Policy in China: A Literature Review by John Street, Li Zhang, Maja Simuniak and Qingning Wang of the University of East Anglia locates copyright policy within a wider context that is defined by: 1) the effects of digitalization on the Chinese music industry; 2) the impact of China’s engagement with the global economy; and 3) initiatives taken by the Chinese government to develop its creative industries. This literature review documents English and Chinese language research into copyright policy in China. It is supplemented by news and specialist trade reports on the topic.

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New CREATe Working Paper Reflects on Study of a Creative Business Support Agency

CREATe’s fifth Working Paper of 2015 is now available. Inside a Cultural Agency: Team Ethnography and Knowledge Exchange by Philip Schlesinger, Melanie Selfe and Ealasaid Munro undertakes an auto-critical analysis of the research team’s ethnographic study of Cultural Enterprise Office (CEO), a Scottish creative business support agency. The authors discuss the team’s composition and how this relates to other analyses of ethnographic teamwork. The research is situated in the wider policy context of the “creative-economic” turn in the UK’s research funding, accompanied by increased emphasis on “knowledge exchange” and “impact” in the drive for greater accountability in higher education. The article is published in the Journal of Arts Management, Law, and Society, Vol. 45, Iss. 2, 2015.

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