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2014.09.15-16.low_027Welcome to CREATe’s Postgraduate Researcher Community page. CREATe is a complex undertaking, comprising over forty projects and almost one hundred academic contributors. There is considerable diversity in both, with research and researchers varying in disciplinary and methodological terms, and in terms of the sectors with which they are most closely associated. To sustain CREATe and ensure its legacy we have committed a great deal of resource and energy to our postgraduate programmes, in order to ensure that the next generation of researchers are equipped to tackle the challenges of research within the digital creative economy. This implies breadth of methodological competencies, high levels of data and technology literacy, acute appreciation of the wide range of business and economic models involved and, for CREATe researchers to be as comfortable liaising with industry and policy partners as with their academic peers.

We embrace our own diversity as one of the consortium’s key strengths, and as a tool to facilitate the development of this new generation of skills and competencies.

Postgraduate Researchers across the CREATe consortium

Recent Publications


Pattern Recognition: Governmental Regulation of Tartan and Commodification of Culture, Megan Rae Blakely, International Journal of Cultural Property, 2015
Archives and Copyright: Risk and Reform, Ronan Deazley, Victoria Stobo, CREATe Working Paper No. 3, 2013
Copyright & Risk: Scoping the Wellcome Digital Library Project Project Report, Ronan Deazley, Ian Anderson, Victoria Stobo, CREATe Working Paper No. 10, 2013
Theorising Music Streaming: Preliminary Investigations, Kenny Barr, Scottish Music Review, 2013
Archives and Copyright: Developing an Agenda for Reform, Ronan Deazley, Victoria Stobo, CREATe Working Paper 14/4, 2014

Recent Conference Papers


Panel Discussion, Andrea Wallace, Copyright and Orphan Works, Digital Catapult & CREATe, London, The United Kingdom, September 29th 2015
Selection is Creation: The Edwin Morgan Scrapbooks, Kerry Patterson, Material Culture in Action: Practices of making, collecting and re-enacting art and design, Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow, September 7th 2015
Claiming Surrogate IP Rights: When Cultural Institutions Repossess the Public Domain, Andrea Wallace, European Policy for Intellectual Property 2015, Glasgow, United Kingdom, September 3rd 2015
Claiming Surrogate IP Rights: When Cultural Institutions Repossess the Public Domain, Andrea Wallace, The 2015 Intellectual Property Scholars Conference, Chicago, Illinois, August 6th 2015
The 'Tangification' of Intangible Cultural Heritage through Self-reinforcing Intellectual Property Systems and Norms, Megan Rae Blakely, IPSC 2015, Chicago, USA, August 6th 2015
Intellectual Property and Intangible Culture Heritage in Celtic-derived Cultures, Megan Rae Blakely, ISHTIP 2015, Philadelphia, USA, July 22nd 2015
Surrogate IP Rights in the Cultural Sector, Andrea Wallace, Beautiful Data II, metaLAB Harvard, Harvard University, July 6th 2015
Claiming Surrogate IP Rights: When Cultural Institutions Repossess the Public Domain, Andrea Wallace, The New IP Lawyers Conference: Who Owns the Arts and Sciences?, University of Exeter, United Kingdom, June 23rd 2015
The Café as an Alternative Cultural Institution: A Study of the Café's Emergence as a Cultural Venue, Andrea Wallace, DAKIM CONTEMPART15, Istanbul, Turkey, June 8th 2015
Copyright and Risk: Digitising Archive Collections, Victoria Stobo, Archives 2.0: Saving the Past, Anticipating the Future, National Media Museum, Bradford, November 26th 2014

CREATe Studio

CREATe Studio is an interdisciplinary series of PhD training workshops and reading groups, which allow researchers from a variety of academic backgrounds to learn new research methods and read new things, providing them an opportunity to meet with peers and share ideas. More details are available from the CREATe Studio webpage.

More details about research methods are available from the CREATe Capacity Building Resource in Interdisciplinary Research Methodology for Social Sciences.

Community Members

Mr Kenny Barr (PhD)
School of Culture and Creative Arts; School of Law
Ms Megan Rae Blakely (PhD)
School of Law
Ms Sheona Burrow (PhD)
School of Law
Mr Jaakko Miettinen (PhD)
School of Law
Ms Kerry Patterson (RA)
University Library
Ms Victoria Stobo (PhD)
School of Humanities
Ms Andrea Wallace (PhD)
School of Law

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