Sukhpreet Singh

Sukhpreet-SinghDr Sukhpreet Singh is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Glasgow and CREATe Programme Leader. He is also the Director of MSc / LLM in IP, Innovation & the Creative Economy programme.

His research on market based approaches to IP protection and exploitation, funded by ESRC, by industry, and by government grants, has been recognized internationally and has had impact on professional practice through publications, reports, and training seminars.

Sukhpreet has 14 years of British HE experience in research, tertiary level teaching, internationalization and education management. He brings with him valuable knowledge of brand management in the screen and services industries. With a research interest in IP rights management, media management and media brands, he is one of the few European academics to be awarded an Educational Fellowship of the US based National Association of Television Program Executives (NATPE 2009) and has consulted for blue chip companies such as JP Morgan Chase and Fremantlemedia.

In addition to English, Sukhpreet is fluent in several languages: Punjabi, Hindi and Assamese.


  • 2010 PhD in Creative Industries Management [Thesis titled The Protection of Television Formats: Intellectual Property and Market based Strategies,         Bournemouth University (UK)/ Supervisor: Prof. Martin Kretschmer/ Award Date: 05 August 2010/ Examiners: Prof. Lucy Kueng (University of Jonkoping, Sweden),       Barry Richards (Bournemouth University)]
  • 2012 Postdoctoral Certificate in Research Supervision, Bournemouth University (UK)
  • 2004 MA, Broadcast and Film Management, Bournemouth University (UK) [with ‘Merit’/ Award Date: 17 December 2014]
  • 2000 BA, Hospitality Management, University of Huddersfield (UK) [‘Best All Round                  Student’, Silver Medal (Academics) & First-Class Degree (76.76%)]
  • 1998 Diploma in Computing, National Institute of Information Technology (India)


* ESRC/ University of Glasgow IAA Grant ES/M500471/1 (2017) ‘The modernisation of EU copyright rules in light of BREXIT’

  • Grant value £3,318
  • Output on

* AHRC UK Grant AH/P013341/1 (2017-19) ‘Unlocking co-creative possibilities’

  • Grant value £200,000 over 18 months 
  • Co-Investigator Role (PI Kretschmer)

* University of Glasgow BOLD Grant for Development of Masters Programme 2014-16

  • Grant value £135,000 over 2 years to develop a new online executive level MSc
  • Co-Investigator Role (with Co-I Erickson/ PI Kretschmer)

* EPSRC UK Grant EP/K039695/1 (2013-14): ‘Building Better Business Models: Capturing the Transformative Potential of the Digital Economy’

  • Named Researcher Role in £1m consortium consisting of academics from City University (Cass Business School, London), Sussex, Glasgow, and LSE (PI Prof. C. Baden-Fuller, City)
  • Grant value to Glasgow £75,000 (Co-I Kretschmer)

The FRAPA Report 2011: Protecting Format Rights

  • Funded by Government of North Rhine Westphalia (German State)
  • Commissioned by the Format Recognition and Protection Association (FRAPA)
  • Read output

 * ESRC UK Grant RES-186-27-0012 (2008-09)

  • Co-Applicant/ PI Kretschmer (Bournemouth University, UK)
  • Grant value £32,000; Details and outputs on
  • Outputs includes database of TV format rights disputes from 1987 to 2007, taxonomy of format rights disputes with statistically functional observations, model (published as a book chapter, and illustrated through 3 video case studies) explaining growth in television format rights trade in absence of a regulatory mechanism.

Selected Publications

  • Patterson K., & Singh, S., (2016) (eds.) CREATe 2012-2016: Impact on society, industry and policy through research excellence and knowledge exchange – a 70 page edited volume of the RCUK funded CREATe research programme.
  • Singh, S., & Oliver, J. (2015) Innovating and trading TV formats through brand management practices. In: Siegert, G.; Förster, K.; Chan-Olmsted, S.; Ots, M. (eds.) Handbook of Media Branding. Springer
  • Singh, S., & Kretschmer, M. (2012) Strategic Behaviour in the International Exploitation of Idols In: Zwaan, A.J. & de Bruin, J. (eds.) Adapting Idols: Authenticity, Identity and Performance in a Global Television Format. Farnham: Ashgate Publishers (pg. 11-25)
  • Singh, S., & Nagpal, P. (2011) ‘The FRAPA Report 2011: Global Format Rights’. Olswang: London.
  • Kretschmer, M., Singh, S., Bently, L., & Cooper, E., (2011) ‘Copyright contracts and earnings of visual creators – A survey of 5,800 British designers, fine artists, illustrators and photographers’. Designers & Artists Copyright Society (DACS), London (179 pg.)
  • Kretschmer, M., Singh, S. & Wardle, J. (2009). The Exploitation of TV Formats, ESRC Digital Resource, Bournemouth University (
  • Singh, S. (2007) Review of Thomas, P. and Servaes, J. (eds.), Intellectual Property Rights and Communications in Asia: Conflicting Traditions. In: European Journal of Communications. 2007, 22 (pg. 526 – 529)

Selected Conferences & Workshops

  • (Invited) Singh, S., 2017. Empirical studies on alternatives to IP for innovation: Learning from negative spaces of IP / low-IP. First Asia-Pacific Workshop on Empirical Methods in Innovation, IP & Competition. 9-11 March 2017. National Law University, New Delhi (India)
  • (Invited) Singh, S., 2014. The CREATe Context: Building Better Business Models. Scoping Workshop & Launch of AHRC Digital Copyright and IP Research Centre in China. 22 Nov 2014. University of Nottingham/Ningbo (China)
  • (Invited) Singh, S., 2013. Localisations in TV Formats – Lessons for Protection. Reforming Formats: Producing & protecting audio-visual formats in convergent media. 5 & 6 Dec 2013. The Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society. Berlin (Germany).
  • (Peer Reviewed) Singh, S., 2011. Localisations – Solutions or Challenges for Format Franchising. IP and Franchising – An International Workshop organized by the University of New South Wales on the 8th and 9th July in Sydney (Australia).
  • (Peer Reviewed) Singh, S. 2011. Market-based Strategies to Exploit TV Formats in BRIC Economies – The Case of Russia. European Media Management Education Association’s Annual Conference. 9th to 12th Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow (Russia).
  • (Peer Reviewed) Kretschmer, M. & Singh, S. 2011. Exploiting Idols: Strategies in the international exploitation of TV formats. 27th EGOS Colloquium, July 7-9. Gothenburg (Sweden).
  • (Peer Reviewed) Kretschmer, M. & Singh, S., 2009. The Paradox of TV Formats. Why pay for something that is free? ISHTIP Conference. 26th & 27th Università Bocconi, Milan (Italy).
  • (Peer Reviewed) Singh, S., 2008. Marketing Strategies for Television Formats Protection. Television without Borders – Trans-national and Translational Exchanges. 27th-29th University of Reading (UK).
  • (Peer Reviewed) Singh, S., 2008. Empirical observations on television format rights disputes from 1987 to 2007. DIME/CIO Creative Industries Conference. 22nd, 23rd Birkbeck College, University of London (UK).

Selected Academic Blogging

Executive Professional Programmes / Short Courses

  • Course Leader (Media Economics & TV Format Exploitation) to Directors and Senior Managers of Vietnam Radio hosted at Bournemouth University in Nov 2014.
  • Unit Leader (Media Strategy) on Skillset & Government of UK sponsored
    Creative Media Leadership Award
  • Short courses / training sessions in services management for clients such as the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority, Indian Railways & ICICI Bank, from 2000 to 2003.

Membership of Professional Associations & Scholarly Societies

ELESIG Scotland Committee Member (2015-) ELESIG is a community of HE & FE researchers and practitioners involved in investigations of learners’ experiences & uses of learning technology. Members share knowledge & practice and develop a shared repertoire of resources to benefit the community & the sector.

AiMM Founding Member (2011-)    Advances in Media Management is a Bournemouth University led research cluster providing a platform for researchers to contribute knowledge in the field of media management. It also advises on Postgraduate, Undergraduate and Professional Development programmes as well as organizes events to disseminate the cluster’s knowledge.

EMMA Academic Member (2009-) The European Media Management Education Association is a forum for the exchange of ideas between HE media management teachers and European media industry to stimulate academic and intellectual interest in this area.

ISHTIP Academic Member (2009-) The International Society for the History & Theory of Intellectual Property supports scholarly investigation of the national histories of IPRs, &, of contemporary countertrends, laws & global norms to manage intellectual production & exchange.

NATPE Educational Fellow 2009 The National Association of Television Program Executives serves as the largest association of media professionals in the world. Its Education Foundation awards fellowships to enable inter-professional research and dialogue.