Creators’ Organizations

About this project
Smita Kheria Nevena Kostova
Lead investigator(s):
- Dr Smita Kheria
- Ms Nevena Kostova

Start Date: 1st October 2013
End Date: 30th September 2016


This project will explore the role that creators’ organisations play in the way copyright law is operationalised and exploited within existing and emerging business models. It will look into how creators’ organisations represent creators, how they extract value for creators in the way copyright law is interpreted and applied, what challenges they encounter in the process and what steps they take.

Creators’ organisations perform a myriad of functions (representative, advisory, educational, etc.), which significantly shape the framework within which creators operate in practical as well as legal terms. One of the objectives of these organisations is to ensure that copyright is an economic asset not just for the content exploiters but also for the original creators. In recent years, copyright law itself has been undergoing numerous changes in an attempt to address some of the challenges which have emerged with the shift from analogue to digital content creation, dissemination and consumption. Many of these changes are still at the stage of implementation and several issues pertaining to new business models in the creative industries have yet to be addressed. It is therefore a particularly important time to focus on the role that creators’ organisations play in furthering the interests of creators in this changing landscape and on the various challenges that these organisations may face.