Converging Technologies and Business Models

About this project
Gillian Doyle
Lead investigator(s):
- Prof Gillian Doyle

Start Date: 1st July 2014
End Date: 31st December 2015


Digital convergence has reshaped the business of supplying television and encouraged strategies of multi-platform expansion. This project examined the interplay between emergent copyright frameworks and multi-platform distribution strategies, focusing especially on how 'windowing' strategies to exploit IP value in audiovisual content are adjusting.

Project outputs include:

  • From organisational crisis to multiplatform salvation? Creative destruction and the recomposition of news media - This Working Paper presents case studies of the strategies pursued by the Financial Times and The Telegraph in migrating from print to digital. It shows how new conceptions of the news business are being articulated by managements, how production is being reshaped and increasingly driven by data analytics, and poses questions about the impact of these changes on journalistic practices.
  • Digitization and changing windowing strategies in the television industry: negotiating new windows on the world? - This Working Paper argues that changes in the dynamics of television distribution have altered not just processes for exploiting the value in IPRs but also content and content production, with implications for audiences as well as industry. 
  • Multi-platform distribution and changes in Windowing Strategies? - This blog describes a presentation made at the Private Television Conference in Brussels in June 2015.
  • Project poster - Project activities have been summarised in this poster which was presented at the CREATe All Hands conference in September 2014.